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Don't know what to do next? We do.

Restoring your home after a fire should not be overwhelming, that’s why we are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our staff and equipment are all prepped and on standby to act with short notice.

Call now and we will dispatch our response team ASAP – we’ll be working on your property within the next 4 hours.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Westchester County

24/7 Emergency Service in Westchester County, NY and surrounding areas

Standing by at the ready, our trained technicians are available around the clock, day in and day out. Our trucks and equipment are prepped and ready to respond so there are no delays to your call for help. Call us immediately following the fire and we’ll be on site within a matter of hours to take swift action. We will promptly inspect the site, make an assessment, develop an action plan, secure the property, and begin the restoration process. We work directly with insurance providers to make billing stress-free and hands off. Staff members man our phone lines around the clock. Call now to speak directly to a trained staff member who is ready to get you the help you need, whenever you need it.

Preferred vendor by all major insurance companies

With decades of experience, ServiceMaster Restore has helped countless families and property owners restore their lives from the aftermath of fire damage. We invest in our technicians and staff with continued education, training, and development, to bring our clients the assurance they expect with the latest equipment, technology, and processes to restore property and possessions. Our company delivers confidence and expertise, so our clients have less to worry about with our one-stop-shop services.

You can take a deep breath and trust that ServiceMaster is the right choice to complete your job with expertise and professionalism, so your life can get back on track and you resume life as stress-free as possible.

Our Process:

Fire damage is always more than can be seen on the surface, with ceilings, floors, walls, furniture, and fixtures, etc. Flames, heat, moisture, soot, and smoke destroy and damage electrical systems, HVAC systems, and structural integrity. These complexities are the reason you need a professional to navigate the cleanup and restoration, it’s simply more than a typical homeowner or contractor can manage.

When disaster hits and life becomes chaotic, the last thing you need are delays from the service professionals. Our teams are at the ready for a 24/7/365 response to assess the damage and prepare the restoration plan with you.

Our staff is trained to secure your property to avoid further compromise, through board-up or tarping (as necessary) of windows, walls, doors, or the roof of the home.

To mitigate mold, mildew, and rot, we remove all moisture from the fire damage and the fire extinguishing process. We have state of the art equipment to measure and ensure total removal of moisture and liquid.

The professional and careful cleaning and packing of the remaining household belongings is a priority for our staff as well. We are committed to ensuring that your belongings are returned to you safely.

All debris and damaged materials are removed from the property and the remaining surfaces professionally cleaned.

Smoke is only one of the odors that need to be removed after a fire. Fire causes toxic fumes to be released from materials as they melt and burn. Treatment with our professional equipment can effectively remove those odors that are not only a nuisance but unhealthy to inhale.

Every situation is different, but we are prepared to complete the necessary repairs and reconstruction for your individual situation, returning your property in a condition as good or better than before the disaster.

Full-Service Repair and Reconstruction

As a full-service construction company, ServiceMaster Restoration by Marano Services, we can rebuild all areas of a residential project to return the home to its prior condition, or better. We staff a team of structural specialists to ensure that any structural damage from a fire is removed and restored in excellence. You can be confident in our services and the care we will give to your property, treating it as if it were our own.

A family that was displaced from a fire that started at their neighbor’s house. As stated by the homeowner, they were having a difficult time with their insurance company and more and more time kept passing by. He then saw those yellow trucks pull up and had a sigh of relief. We are the top preferred vendor for all major insurance companies. We partnered with his insurance agency and they were back to their fully restored home in a few short weeks. Above are some of the before & after photos. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more photos like these, we post new pictures daily.

Content Cleaning, Pack-Out, Inventory Services, and Storage

Heat, soot, smoke, fire, and water all damage property in a fire incident. The contents of your home (furniture, décor, and valuables to name a few) are at risk; therefore, we take a thorough inventory as we go. Our content pack-out procedure secures your possessions. We attempt to restore your contents on site, but when the extent of damage requires more, we take your belongings off-site to restore them properly. As a part of our staff training, we equip each member of the team to take inventory, handle, clean, pack, and store your cherished possessions. Our detailed oriented process will give you confidence and peace of mind.

Our Pack-out and Restoration Process:

• Careful inventory, handling, and storage of your belongings.
• Inventory management, providing the client with an itemized list.
• Safe transportation and storage in a climate-controlled storage facility.
• Cleaning, deodorization, and restoration of all items.
• Documentation, tracking and communication with the client throughout the process.
• Easy access to belongings at all times, if needed.
• Successful and safe return of itemized list to your home. 

Smoke Damage

Damage from the actual fire, the heat, soot, and water are only part of the struggle. Smoke damage is equally as harmful, even in areas where the fire didn’t touch, and water wasn’t used. Smoke permeates the entire structure and all the porous materials. Additionally, corrosive residues form when smoke and humidity combine. Further damage is caused by these residues to the surfaces in your home that were never in contact with the fire itself.

Soot Damage

Fires don’t burn evenly, and fuel sources sometimes don’t completely burn. This incomplete combustion results in the formation of soot, which is small particles that settle out and deposit a dark powdery substance on things in the burn area. When not dealt with quickly and professionally, soot can become permanent. Our quick response will mitigate the damage to your remaining belongings and salvageable goods.

Types of Soot:

The most damaging form of soot comes from an oxygen-rich, high temperature fire, from fuel sources that are fast burning, such as wood, paper, and highly combustible materials. Often confused with ash, this form of soot is fine in texture, making it easy to clean from smooth non-porous surfaces but a real challenge to eradicate on porous materials. It’s also very dangerous to breathe.

This form of soot, often coming from plastic materials, mixes with moistures from or due to fire and can be sticky, smearing on surfaces when it’s wiped. Wet soot is formed when the heat from a fire is at a low temperature and burns slowly. The moisture in the soot releases a strong odor and is a challenge to clean.

Oily soot comes from the burning of grease, fuels/accelerants, and burning plastics. In the north, it is commonly associated with puff backs from your furnace heating oil. Due to its oily nature, it also smears easily and is difficult to remove.

Light in color and often found in kitchen fires, protein soot comes from burnt foods and organic materials found in and around a kitchen. This soot is difficult to see on its own but can discolor paint.

Commercial Fire Restoration Services

Your business continuity and safety for your customers and employees, are our highest priority. We are your business partner, providing you the confidence that we will get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. Our mission is streamlining your risk and vendor management by providing a complete restoration process in house.

We mitigate the hazards to your staff and clients through professional smoke and soot residue mitigation and removal. Not only is it possible to cause additional damage if improperly handled but trying to clean and restore the damage alone creates potential liability and risk for the business. That’s why we are specialized in the proper maintenance and use of industry equipment, and expertly trained in the lasted technology and techniques for this type of restorative work.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Marano Services is ready to handle the commercial restoration needs of Westchester County, NY.

• On site evaluation and assessment of damage.
• Inspection of structural integrity of damaged building(s) on site.
• Water damage inspection, from damaged plumbing and fire extinguishment.
• Inspection and evaluation of damaged materials on site.
• Securing of the property with board-up and tarping, as required.
Remediation of water damage if needed.
• Salvaging of merchandise, equipment, materials.
• Content cleaning, pack-out, inventory, and storage of peripheral items from affected areas of the site.
• Collecting, storage and cleaning of files, computers, or data storage devices.
• Assistance in remote operations by retrieval of items from within the damage buildings.
• Regular communications on the restoration process for business planning and continuity.

• Thorough inspection and documented evaluation of damaged areas
• Removal of unsalvageable materials, such as burned wood and insulation which can seal in smoke and soot.
• Flooring assessment to determine which floor coverings or carpets will need to be removed or which are salvageable.
• Odor elimination and cleaning to pre-loss condition.
• Returning of itemized contents that were packed out and restored.
• Business operations restoration assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our offices are staffed 24/7 with someone available to answer your call at all times. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Or if you’d like, you can click here to use our contact form to send us an email.

You don’t need permission from your insurance, in fact, they prefer immediate response to mitigate the damage to the property, so it’s in their best interest to dispatch a response team to prevent further damage. We are a trusted partner with many insurance companies. Call us first to get our teams headed your direction; then call the insurance company while we are enroute to record the claim and notify them that we are coming. Buildings with fire and smoke damage, likely have water damage as well. Fire and smoke damage ends when the fire is extinguished but damage from water has only just begun. Therefore, calling a full-service response team is best and allows us to prevent unnecessary damage from water deposits.

Every fire event is different. The extent of damage to each structure and its contents varies. Upon arrival, we will evaluate the situation and provide you with a plan of action and communicate the expected timeline.

We’ll board-up & tarp plus begin drying your home right away to not only secure your property but protect your belongings. We also have cleaning and pack-out services to bring you peace of mind during the restoration process.

This is your decision, but staying in your home will depend on the degree and location of the damage. Safety is the number one determining factor. If the structure of the home is damaged or there are toxic fumes, soot, or smoke, then you should relocate. However, the decision is mainly yours to make if safety is not a factor. Fires in confined areas are easier to avoid and allow for restoration without issues.

  • Yes they can. The cost of those upgrades may not be covered by insurance, depending on your insurance coverage. If the insured coverages do not cover the cost of upgrades the homeowner would be responsible for the cost difference. We are happy to discuss your options and work with your insurance company to work out the details.

Documenting details such as quantity, price, and year purchased should be sufficient (i.e., 65” television, 2020, $895; coffee table, 2016, $195). Keep in mind that your insured benefit usually covers the replacement value of a like item. Check with your insurance provider for further information.

Yes, as part of our restoration process, we thoroughly clean and deodorize, leaving your home with no offensive residual smells in your home. Sometimes odors may take multiple treatments to fully remove.

Following the complete restoration process, you can be completely confident that your home will be returned to the condition it was prior to the fire event, or better. However, immediately following the fire and during the reconstruction, safety is the highest priority. If the structure of the home is damaged or there are toxic fumes, soot, or smoke, are all hazardous to your health. We have the equipment and experience to handle these hazards safely for you, so you can return to your life.

As a Certified Lead-Safe firm by the EPA, we are trained and equipped to safely handle lead-based paints and other products.