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Mold Remediation Services in Westchester County, NY

Mold is an invisible threat in the beginning, it can develop from the smallest, completely unnoticeable water source. It might be a leak, a water drainage problem, or a humidity condition. Without the right equipment and training, containment, mitigation, and restoration are not only a challenge, but often impossible. Black mold is only one form of mold. Our trained specialists are prepared to arrive quickly and address the damage, regardless of type of mold present, or the extent of the damage. Upon arrival our specialists have a certified process:

Our Process:

Mold and mildew detection requires both an air and surface sampling. This step allows our trained specialists to not only confirm mold and mildew but identify the strain and amount to be dealt with.

Roof, foundation, or plumbing leaks; poor drainage; poor ventilation; or flooding – wherever the root cause of moister originates, we’ll find the source of the mold formation, repair the issues, and restore the infected area.

Thorough remediation by our trained, professional, staff are certified for mold detection, identification, and containment during removal. Molds germinate within 24-48 hours, so containment of all particles is essential to professional remediation without further contamination.

Our staff is certified and up to date, with regular training, on the most effective and thorough fungicide agents. We are equipped with the proper equipment to apply these anti-fungal agents that kill and inhibits mold spore growth, as well as other microbes, bacteria, and algae.

Mold spores spread throw air and surface contact. We use industrial blowers and air scrubbers to purify and remove 99.97% of the particles and spores found in the air, as well as dust, dirt, and other contaminants found in the air of the infected space.

It’s our priority to restore your home to it’s pre-loss condition or better, at ServiceMaster Restoration by Marano Services.

Residential Mold Removal Services

Unlike many other issues you encounter, black mold never resolves itself. On the contrary, mold spreads and grows if left treated. Mold poses a health risk to everyone who comes in contact with it, but not everyone reacts the same, some people are more effected by mold exposure than others.

The longer it takes to act, the more the mold will spread. This is the reason we are available 24/7/365 with emergency response teams on call to resolve the issue and restore the property expediently. This quick response will save you money, prevent additional damage to property, and restore the healthy environment of your property. Our technicians are trained specialists, who are fast and efficient, and prioritize getting you back to your regular life.

Basements and cellars are a common area to find moisture. If left untreated, mold spore germination and growth can go undetected. Foundation seepage, humid and moist conditions form sump pumps, grey water drainage from upper levels and washing machines, all contribute to ripe conditions for mold and mildew. Add to these conditions the warmth of water heaters and heating systems of the home, and mold thrives.

Healthy, thriving mold colonies can then spread to floor joists and wall studs, as well as dry wall, damaging the structural integrity of the home. Additionally, the airborne spores reach the living spaces of the home, endangering the people living in the home. There is no need for your family to be at risk one day more, we handle total remediation of all types of molds, and offer a fast and free estimate.

When the attic and crawl spaces air is warm or tepid, and ductwork transport cold air, moisture forms on the outside, accumulating and often drips and drains into the material and structures around it. When mold grows in these environments, the spores get transported and spread throughout the building as the air circulates.

Removal of mold, mildew, dust, and other allergens are the result of a professional cleaning and restoration. Proper cleaning of the HVAC mechanical systems will noticeably improve the air quality in your home. We will conduct a final air sampling test prior to completion to ensure the air is healthy and clean before we leave.

Even if no mold or mildew spores are found in the air ducts or HVAC system, if mold is present in the home elsewhere, the EPA recommends cleaning of these systems to remove any lingering spores. Thereby, totally eradicating the dangerous spores and restoring the safety of the home.

Bathrooms are generally smaller spaces with plentiful moisture and limited ventilation, creating a prime environment for mold growth. The visible condensation on walls, but most wall surfaces are porous, and that moisture penetrates the outer wall, becoming trapped and breeding mold growth. Walls are not the only place for mold to grow, tile grout and caulking are also porous and susceptible to bold and mildew.

Proper ventilation and air circulation is helpful to remove moisture. Utilize open windows and the exhaust fan during showering and bathing. Regular inspection under cabinets for leaking faucets and pipes, which create even more moisture, is important as well.

Mold and mildew growth comes with offensive odors that penetrate the air and porous material. Once the infected areas are cleaned, repaired, and restored, we remove the odors that come with mold and water damage. Using our air scrubbers, ozone generators, hydroxyl generators, and thermal foggers, our state-of-the-art equipment will save your memories and your money. We will ensure your home and belongings are left clean and fresh, providing you the peace of mind and the cost saving benefit of not having to replace belongings.

Bathroom ceiling infested with black mold above shower. We applied our chemical spray to the ceiling and removed and replaced all of the damaged materials.

Commercial Mold Remediation

Mold spores germinate in 24 to 48 hours so it’s imperative that the response time for the remediation process at your commercial property is ASAP. The longer the mold is present the more opportunity it has to potentially spread through air circulation, direct contact, and ripe germination environments. Poor air quality, creating health issues, damaged merchandise, furniture, fixtures, and equipment, are all part of the damage that comes with delayed mold removal. Whether you see visible mold, smell a foul odor, or are concerned that mold might be present, our staff are IICRC certified technicians that follow standard protocols for complete remediation and will be available to help you every step of the way:

The first protocol is a thorough inspection and air sampling to detect and identify any mold that is present on site. Following the detection and identification, a damage assessment, complete with restoration planning will be completed and communicated to the client.

Your business continuity is a priority for us, so we begin as soon as possible to reduce your down time. We seal off rooms and ventilation systems, to contain the affected area by installing air-tight barriers, with a negative air pressure environment. We then install industrial HEPA air filters to remove any active spores in the air circulation, reducing exposure and infection of other clean areas.

Mold can only propagate in moist environments, so our trained specialists will locate and repair any source of water that is creating the growth environment. These findings and proposed repairs will be communicated with the business.

Containment is only one way we remediate mold spores. Secure removal of contaminated and damaged materials is another way. The mold must be removed to stop the spread.

We our protocols are complete the work area will be returned to the owner, thoroughly cleaned, effectively disinfected, and deodorized. We will remove the offensive odors that accompany mold spores with our equipment leaving your belongings and merchandise clean and fresh.

The culmination of our services is the complete restoration of the damaged and affected areas. You will receive your property in equal, or better, condition than it was prior to the mold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Our offices are staffed 24/7 with someone available to answer your call at all times. Or if you’d like, you can click here to use our contact form to send us a message.

No two mold infestation jobs are the same, so no two timelines are the same either. Mold remediation can take as little as a few hours, up to several days, depending on the extent of the damage. Calling for an inspection, testing, and an estimate is the best way to get a more precise timeline.

There are a few simple actions that can help prevent mold growth. Moisture control in your home, such as, but not limited to keeping your home well ventilated and dry; addressing any known water leaks; using a dehumidifier; or placing a container of moisture-absorbing crystals in closed, unventilated areas.
Regular collection and removal of mold spores by vacuuming and disposing of collected debris from your floors, carpets, rugs, pillows, fabrics, and behind furniture.
Use of fans and ventilation in bathrooms, kitchens, indoor pool, or hot tub areas.
Regularly inspecting window mounted air conditioning units for leaks and dripping from condensation. Additionally, inspecting the windows and sills of your home for water seepage and condensation.
Immediate response to spills and flooding, cleaning up the water and drying it out immediately, before it seeps under cabinets, behind walls, or into your subfloor.
Installing vapor barriers and addition ventilation in attics and crawl spaces.

While there are paint products on the market that claim to treat mold, mold can still grow under paint if it’s not handled properly. It’s always best to have an inspection by a professional before attempting to do it yourself.

Bleach as a mold treatment on a hard surface, might work, but on porous materials (i.e., wood, drywall, flooring, carpets, etc.) a hidden colony of mold spores might not be treated and the regrowth and spreading of the mold will ensue. Additionally, the dead fugus can still affect people with asthma and allergies, so the removal and complete remediation of the mold is the only effective course of action to take.

In rare occasions, mold and mildew is easy to spot and identify. However, the more common indicators are more complex. These can include: a foul odor from an unknown source; black spots on walls and porous materials; white powdery residue near air vents and on belongs near air ducts; unexplained health symptoms like breathing problems, coughing, and headaches; unusual pet behavior; peeling paint and wallpaper; or swollen, bubbled appearance of wood. These represent only a few of the ways mold and mildew present themselves. Play it safe and call us today to schedule an immediate inspection and testing for your own health and safety.