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Emergency service for customers in Queens, NY. Preferred vendor by all major insurance companies. We’ll make the process as stress-free and easy for you as possible.

Our trucks are loaded and ready to go. Our professionally trained technicians are available 24/7 waiting for your call. Ready to respond to your sewer backup in 2-4 hours or less.

Sewage Cleanup Services in Queens, NY

24/7/365 Emergency Service in Queens and the surrounding areas

Sewage contains biohazards that are dangerous to your health, the health of your pets, and your property. Whether in your home or business, immediate action is required. That’s why we’re available 24/7 to respond immediately no matter what time you call us. Calling the professionals at the first sign or a sewage backup is going to be the best move.

There are risks involved with cleaning up sewage. There are contaminants that can really harm your health if not handled properly. PPE when dealing with sewage is important to prevent these health hazards. Our technicians are extremely thorough, leaving your property as clean as it was or better. Anything bacteria or pathogens missed during the cleaning and sanitization process could worsen and spread.

Professional Tools and Expert Technicians

Our thorough sewage cleanup process will bring your property back to it’s pre-loss condition or better. Sewage cleanup process is far more involved than simply using a mop and bleach. Our commercial grade pumps, dryers and disinfecting equipment will leave your property feeling fresh and clean when we’re done.

Our process consists of:

Commercial grade truck mounted pumps will remove and standing water or sewage from the affected area.

Thorough cleaning of all affected areas. Removal of structural materials that can’t be cleaned and removal or furniture or property that would need to be cleaned and restored.

Sanitization of the area to kill any pathogens or contaminants, leaving the area both safe and clean.

Commercial grade blowers and dehumidifiers will leave your property completely dry. This prevents any mold, mildew or bacteria growth.

We work with your insurance company to select a preferred contractor to repair the cause of the sewage backup. 

ServiceMaster Restoration by Marano Services is a full service construction company, meaning we are equipped to fully restore your property to it’s pre-loss condition or better, or even add upgrades during the process.

Immediate Response

Here when you need us, call now and we’ll be on your property and working within the next 4 hours. 

Help! Water is backing up, what should I do?

Take immediate action now and call us to prevent further damage. Cleaning up sewage on your own exposes you and other people and pets in your home to biohazards. We’ll be on site within a few hours and will begin the process immediately and communicate with you on every step. 

Do not wait - Get Help Now - We are on Call 24/7/265

This doesn’t need to stress you out, we’re here to get this taken care of immediately. We specialize in restoration services and deal with situations like yours everyday. We’re with you from start to finish, helping you to return your life back to normal. Call now to get started.

Emergency sewer backup loss in queens. Our team extracted CAT 3 water, disinfected with anti-microbial and placed drying equipment. View more photos of jobs like these on our Facebook page.

Sewage is a Category 3 (Black Water) contamination

Not all water damage carries the same level of risk to individuals and property. The hazards involved with remediating each category of water damage are also different. Water that comes from a clean  source, referred to as category 1, does not pose a significant risk through exposure.

On the other hand, “gray water” is discharged wastewater from common household sources such as dishwashers, washing machines, toilet bowl overflows with urine, broken or leaking fish tanks/aquariums, leaking water beds, seepage from the ground, often found in slabs and basements. Gray water falls under category 2 and has the potential to cause discomfort or sickness if you are exposed to it.

Sewage is classified as category 3 or black water. It is highly contaminated and contains pathogenic, toxigenic and/or other harmful agents. This type of water damage is considered the most dangerous and is commonly associated with backups and flooding. Proper remediation of category 3 water damage involves removing the water, drying the affected area and undertaking a thorough cleaning and disinfection/sanitization process.

We specialize in providing comprehensive water remediation and restoration services regardless of which water category you’re dealing with.


What causes a sewage backup to happen?

Sewage backups can originate from your septic, or could be issues with the city sewage system. Some of these factors might not be easily detectable until you see the damage already. You might have one or multiple causes:

• Dumping grease or cooking oils in the sink drain.
• Backups in the city’s sewage system
• Tree roots
• Objects that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet – wipes, sanitary items, paper towels, trash, etc.
• Backflow preventer issues
• Flooding issues
• An overfull septic system
• Structural problems – old pipes, movement in your home’s foundation, soil or erosion issues.

There may be other warning signs besides seeing actual sewage. Be aware of any sewage smells or fumes, or bubbling in drains and/or toilets. If you notice these signs, it may be best to be proactive and call a plumber to assess your situation early before a sewage backup occurs.