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Call for a response team arrival in 2-4 hours or less. Professionally trained technicians are on call and ready to respond to your sewer backup.

Sewage Cleanup Services in Westchester County, NY

24/7/365 Emergency Service in Westchester and surrounding areas

Sewage backup in your space, whether home or business, is dangerous and requires immediate attention. Fast response is essential. Calling the professionals from the first sign is your best response. Our crews are available 24/7 to act immediately to rescue your property. The biohazards present in sewage backup are dangerous to the property, humans, and pets.

Attempting to manage the damage yourself exposes your immune system to dangerous contaminants and toxic fumes in closed areas. Hiring substandard ‘specialists’ is risky too. Any mishandled clean up can leave bacteria to worsen and spread. If left untreated, flooring, carpet, wall, ceilings, and the individual property in the rooms are all at risk of permanent damage from bacteria, decay, and mold growth.

Specialized Equipment and Expert Service

Done properly, a sewage cleanup requires more than a mop bucket and bleach. We employ industrial-grade extraction pumps, professional disinfection equipment and solutions, as well as commercial driers. All property is inspected for contamination and damage.

Our professional Sewage Backup Cleaning Process consists of:

Using industrial pumps mounted to our fleet, employing commercial grade vacuums, and biohazard personal professional equipment.

Inspection, assessment, and salvage of all individual property that was contaminated. Sometimes requires removal from the property for sanitation and restoration.

Professional grade equipment and commercial grade biohazard solutions.

Complete drying includes dehumidifying to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.

Using high tech equipment with video and auditory locator, locate the cause of the backup. We work with professional, preferred contractors and insurance companies to oversee the entire repair.

Until your property is restored to pre flood conditions, we are not done. We are a full-service construction company, specializing in restoring property to new condition.

Immediate dispatch services

You can be confident that our quick response and certified professionals are on call and ready to be dispatched to your property. Not all damage is visible, especially under cabinets and behind walls. We are equipped with state-of-the-art fleets and the technology to inspect and assess damage quickly and accurately. Sewage system water, whether grey water (domestic wastewater) or black water (wastewater containing human waste), needs to be contained, professionally removed, professionally dried, and repaired.

Help! Water is backing up, what should I do?

Do not attempt to clean it up yourself. You expose yourself, other humans and pets, and the property to additional biohazards. It is not worth the risk. Call us immediately and get our professional team dispatched. Once on site, we will inspect, assess the situation, determine the restoration plan of action, and communicate with you. We have industrial-grade tools for water extraction and disinfect/bio-wash equipment to kill and remove the bacteria. Call us now to take immediate action!

Do not wait - Get Help Now - We are on Call 24/7/265

Dealing with the smell, the unpleasant water, the disinfection, and the restoration, does not have to stress you out. We take the stress and worry out of the process, returning your property, your lives, and your business back to normal. We specialize in water damage and sewage cleanup, remediation, and restoration services. We move fast so you lose the least amount of time, start to finish.

Emergency sewer backup loss in queens. Our team extracted CAT 3 water, disinfected with anti-microbial and placed drying equipment.View more photos of jobs like these on our Facebook page.

Sewage is Category 3 (Black Water)

Not all water is equal in hazard and risk to persons and property. Water originating from a sanitary “clean water” source is category 1 and does not pose significant risk through exposure. “Grey water” is discharge wastewater from common domestic use, such as dishwasher, washing machines, toilet bowl overflow with urine, broken aquariums, leaking water beds, and ground seepage (commonly in slabs and basements). Grey water is category 2 and has the potential to cause “discomfort or sickness” with exposure.
Sewage is category 3 “black water” and is “grossly contaminated” containing “pathogenic, toxigenic, or other harmful agents.” This category of water damage is the most dangerous, and most common type of backup flooding. Proper remediation from category 3 water damage requires water removal, drying, followed by deep clean and total disinfection.
Regardless of the category, we specialize in all water remediation and restoration.

How does a sewer backup happen?

There are several factors that can result in sewage backups. Many of these factors are undetectable prior to the damage. They can start small, and conditions can continue to deteriorate over time. There might even be one or more causes:
• Disposing grease and oil down the drain
• Structural problems – aging pipes, foundations shifts, soil settling
• Tree roots in the lines
• Foreign objects flushed – sanitary items, flushable wipes, paper towels
• Backflow preventors absent
• City backups
• Area flood damage
• Full septic systems
Just because you cannot see any water does not mean there are not warning signs. Be aware of fumes and smells of sewage. Bubbling in drains and toilets is also a warning sign. If you are aware of either, be proactive and call a plumber to check your situation before you have a disaster and must call us.